Five Travel Locations you must see in Asia

If you need a reason to choose Asia as your next vacation destination, then you should know that of the five countries that made the most amount of money from tourism in 2013, three are in Asia. Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong saw significant gains in tourism receipts during the year, with Thailand topping the list with 27.5% growth.

How big is Asia?

Asia is the largest continent in the world. It occupies almost 30% of the total global landmass and houses almost 60% of the total world population. There are 47 countries in Asia and each country has something unique to offer in terms of tourism.
So, what are those places that you should choose if you had to tour this massive continent? There is no point trying to cover cities in different countries in a single trip because you will not be able to manage the trip. Instead of a pleasure trip, your vacation will become a nightmare trip.
Listed below are five countries that should be on your radar when you plan a vacation in Asia:


Thailand, what can one say about this country? Located in South-East Asia, Thailand is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Most people associate the country with go-go bars and massage parlors and many tourists actually come here to quench their more “carnal” desires. But ask people that have seen the other side of Thailand and they will tell you how beautiful it is. From the modern city of Bangkok to the ethereal beaches of Pattaya to the culturally rich countryside, Thailand is just about everything you want in a vacation package. If you are looking for villas or apartments we recommend, a new Thailand property website with more than 50.000 villas and condos listed.
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You should visit Japan just for one reason – to see how the country has put behind the horrors of World War II to emerge as one of the most important nations in the world. It’s astonishing how the people in this country have turned their nation into an economic superpower despite a total lack of natural resources. Japan’s culture, its people, its modernism and its natural beauty blend together to make it one of those places that you cannot miss.
Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion

Maldives consists of tiny atolls located in the south-west of India in the Indian Ocean. It is the smallest country in Asia and also has the smallest population. But when it comes to natural beauty, it surely ranks among the top not only in Asia but also in the world. If you always dreamed about a vacation where you would do nothing but lie on the beach, this is the place to be for that.
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India is the seventh largest country in the world and the largest democracy. It’s a completely enigmatic country where people speak 780 languages. If you ever wanted to understand what diversity is, this is the country that you should visit. From the Himalayas in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south, India is full of surprises. Whether you are a nature lover or a student of history, India is the country that can give you more information than any other country.
Ahilya Fort2

Dubai is one of the emirates that form UAE. Dubai is a true cosmopolitan city where people from every place in the world come to mingle with each other. On one hand it maintains the laws of Islam and on the other hand, it is a highly westernized city where people from the west are absolutely at home. It is home to some of the largest skyscrapers and shopping malls in the world. This place is all about indulgence and luxury.
If you had to make a list of 20 countries to visit before you die, all these five countries listed here should feature in it. Each of these countries can thrill you, entice you and teach you something new about life. Take the challenge and visit all five of these countries. I guarantee you that you will emerge from these trips a changed person.